The map doesn't correctly show my address or location

The map doesn't correctly show my address or location

Here are some suggestions for properly formatting your event location to ensure that the google maps functionality works correctly:
  1. Don't know the address of your get-together location, but know the building name? You can find the correct address by entering a building name into the address field and clicking on "Show Map". You will be presented with a series of locations. Copy your location's address from google and paste it back into the InviteRight address field. 
  2. Use spaces instead of hyphens "-"  Example:  Correct: 9650 20 Ave. Incorrect: 9650-20 Ave. 
  3. Use only the street numbers, don't include letters (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...) Example:  Correct: 9650 20 Ave.  Incorrect: 9560 20th Ave. 
  4. If your event is in a rural location, or on a large road such as a highway, refer to the highway number first and then the building address instead of the typical convention of building address and street/avenue reference. Example:  Correct: Hwy 14 East 2673, Incorrect: 2673 Hwy 14 East

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