Setup Overview

Setup Overview

There are five simple steps to completing your event: Choose, Setup, Edit, Test, Open 

  1.  Select an InviteRight template that best matches your event needs.
  2. Or duplicate a previous event.   

  1. Fill out the form settings such as will your form accept payment? will you use printable tickets?  
  2. Provide the details about the who, what, when, where, and why of your event.
  3. Once you have provided this information, InviteRight will generate your forms on the following Edit stage.
  4. You do not have to fill out every question – the questions you do not answer will not appear on the forms. However, you want to be sure that you have asked all the necessary questions about your guests and given them enough information so that they are prepared to attend your event.  

  1. Add the questions, special items and upload an interactive floor map to your form (if required).
  2. Edit the text that your registrants will see at each stage: Countdown Page, Invitation Email, Main Registration, Attendee Level Registration, Confirmation and Closed Event Message.  
  3. Make changes directly by editing each object, dragging an object to relocate it on the page, adding or hiding details or new items  

  1. Review what your guests will see when you launch your forms by visiting the Countdown Page, receiving the Invitation Email, and completing a mock "test" Registration in the Test status. 
  2. Once you have tested the process, go back and make the required changes, or if you are satisfied, proceed to Ready to prepare your form to be Open (to allow your guests to start registering)  
  3. Only certain items can be changed once your forms are Open, so do not open the form until your testing is complete and you are absolutely satisfied.   

  1. Just before opening the form, InviteRight provides you with a checklist to ensure that you thoroughly tested your form and that you ready to launch. 
  2. Review the checklist, warnings and tips to make sure that you have not missed any important details or settings. 
  3. If you are satisfied, you can open the form immediately or set a date & time in the future for the form to open.

When the form is open, you can:
  1. Review the guest registrations in the Administration Area.  
  2. Make changes to responses, such as editing email addresses, issuing refunds or moving guests to a new table. 
  3. Add new questions to your form using Live Edit and publish your changes.   
  4. Manage guests using the Membership List, create Guest Lists and send Reminders to guests. 


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