Sending your own invitation

Sending your own invitation

You can use InviteRight to create an email invitation which you can forward to your guests, instead of sending them a URL to the registration form. This is useful if you want to send a formal invitation to a party for example, and looks better than just a link. You will need to indicate usage during the setup stage of your form:

Using the InviteRight email invitation means:
  1. InviteRight will generate an email that you can use to forward to your registrants/ticket purchasers to invite them to your event. The email will have a link directly to your registration/ticket purchase form
  2. The email is customizable on the Edit screen
  3. The email is also customizable within your own email program
  4. InviteRight does not send the email to your subscribers/guests/registrants/ticket purchasers - you will use your own email service to send the email
If you have any additional questions about this, please reach out to

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