Resending a Reminder

Resending a Reminder

  1. Sign In to your Administration Area 
  2. Click on the link to your event 
  3. Click on the Reminders and Invites tab 
  4. Select the reminder you would like to resend
  5. If you have completed editing your reminder, click Save and Continue 
  6. Determine who will receive the reminder (options will vary depending on reminder history and features enabled):  

    Filters can be based on category and question responses, as well as if the guests have completed payment.  
    Example: Reminders are ideal for trade show organizers needing to remind those vendors with outstanding balances to pay their invoice
  7. Review your recipients, and make any final changes to the recipient list
  8. You can choose to click on Schedule Reminder to send it later using the date selector or click "Finish - Send Reminders" to send the reminder immediately.


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