Registering complimentary guests

Registering complimentary guests

The Administrator can manually add complimentary guest responses by: 
  1. Signing in to the Administration Area  
  2. Clicking on the link of your event 
  3. Clicking on Add RSVP/Add Registration  
  4. Enter the registration on behalf of your guest (it's the same page your guests use to respond)
  5. Enter the guest response information and click on the "Proceed to Payment" button 
  6. A confirmation will still be sent to the email address provided in the registration. If you don't want the guest to see the transaction or receive the confirmation, enter your own email address  in the registration form
  7. From the "Select a Payment method" radio buttons, select "Complimentary - No Charge - Admin Only". This creates a $0 registration. Confirm the complimentary registration by clicking "Register and Pay"
  8. Back in your event admin page, click the Refresh button to update your listing of registrations 

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