Recording payment prior to guest registering

Recording payment prior to guest registering

If you are using a Membership List, you can record a payment prior to the guest registering. You would do this by applying a "Pre-payment" to a specific ID. When you (the organizer) receive the payment from the registrant, you can record it in the system, and then the registrant is able to complete the registration without going through the payment screen.

It is important to note that if a convenience fee has been set up, it will be charged for all registrations including those with pre-payments. In other words, the convenience fee amount must be included in the prepayment amount entered, otherwise the registrant will not be allowed to proceed.

How to record a prepayment

  1. Sign In to your Administration Area 
  2. From the main Home Page, hover over the "Actions" button to the left of your form or event, and select "View Responses". This will bring you to the Administration Area.  
  3. In the ID list section, hover over the "Actions" button and select "Edit/View List Members" from the menu 
  4. Find the ID that you want to record the pre-payment for using the "Search:" field in the top right-hand corner. You can search by name, ID, or another custom field.  
  5. Once you have found the ID you want to add the pre-payment to, hover over the "Actions" button next to the record and select "Record Prepayment" 
  6. Enter the payment amount and click "Save"
  7. Follow the prompt on the screen and click "OK". After this, a "Success" message will appear.
  8. The registrant can now register online and bypass the payment screen.
  1. The payment received cannot be removed after it has been applied to the ID. If you added a pre-payment by accident, you will have to delete the ID and re-enter it in order to remove the saved pre-payment.
  2. The member ID will only be able to pay for registrations using the pre-payment received. In other words, the registrant can't pay partially by cash (pre-payment) and partially by credit card. 
  3. Until exhausted, no other payment methods will be accepted.

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