New Feature: Electronic Signatures

New Feature: Electronic Signatures

InviteRight E-signatures

At key points throughout the school year, event organizers require a parent’s consent or to have someone signify they have read a notice. In the past, a form or notice was sent home with the expectation a parent reads it and sends it back with a signature.

Few of these notices ever make it back to school, which increases the work for school staff who follow up with parents again and again. Due to COVID-19, many schools are rethinking that strategy. Where a parent might have gone into the school to pay an activity fee and sign a form, they are now discouraged from going inside. It is becoming more common for a school district to require electronic signatures since many are moving towards paperless permission and sign-up forms.

E-Signatures allow guest registrants to provide consent on InviteRight forms during registration by being able to sign using their mouse (or fingers if using mobile phones). 

Add a digital signature to any online event form

Rather than forcing a parent or event registrant to sign a paper form and re-send it by scanning or putting it into a student’s backpack, electronic signatures are an option for any of our mobile forms. An e-signature with a mobile form is immediate, more secure and certainly more environmentally friendly.

  1. Once account information changes to include the e-signature option, an organizer can include them when editing a form. Contact if you'd like this feature added to your account.
  2. E-signatures are added the same way any question type is when in editing mode
    1. On the Review screen, hover over the area where to add the signature question on the Registration Form
    2. Hover Actions menu, select Add Item > Create New Item > New Form Item then click Add Item
    3. Select Electronic Signature for the Type then enter the signature details (Title and description/instruction text) then click Save and exit
  3. If there’s a need to add consent text, to go along with the e-signature, a user can input this text in the “Additional Instructions” box (see snapshot above) and that text will appear on the form when live.
  4. A link "View Signatures" will be shown in the "yellow box" of the confirmation page (and email version)

  5. Administrators can view the signatures in their administration area, create a custom view and export the information, including signatures

Real-world examples of where e-signatures are applicable:

  1. Photo consent
  2. Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent
  3. Age consent (example - student is 18 years of age or older; if under, parent must provide consent/permission)
  4. Acknowledgement of COVID-19 Procedures
  5. Acknowledgement of Event Cancellation Policy

Current Limitations

  1. This feature is ONLY available for the “main registration form” - Electronic Signature questions cannot be added to the “attendee form” at this time.
  2. Display conditions for a question cannot be triggered by signing a signature question. But a signature question can be shown/hidden when the display condition is triggered from another non-signature question
  3. Electronic Signature questions cannot be prepopulated via the membership list
  4. When guests submit their signatures on the “main registration form”, proceeds to the “attendee form”/”map screen”/”payment screen” then goes back to the “main registration form”, previous signature submissions will not be restored and guests will need to sign again.
  5. Any reminders (with update forms) will NOT reflect any additional Electronic Signature questions added during LIVE Edit – a new reminder (with update form) must be created.

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