Name Catcher Voice Broadcast and Recording

Name Catcher Voice Broadcast and Recording

The Name Catcher Voice Broadcast feature can be used for a number of different activities, such as name pronunciation for an athletic team or convocation ceremony; it allows the user to record their voice directly through their own phone. This feature also allows the user to rerecord their message until it's just right, to ensure no mistakes are made when orators announce their name on the day of the event. 

With this feature, you can record a unique greeting that your registrant will hear before they record their message, such as a personalized congratulatory message from the Registrar of a University. 

Add Name Catcher to your form 
  1. From the SETUP stage, under General Settings, select "Yes" for Include Voice Recording 
  2. You can also add this feature by selecting "Settings" in EDIT 
  3. Selecting this option will include a link on the Confirmation Page that says "Tell us how to pronounce your name" 

  4. Customize this text by hovering over and selecting "Edit Details" from the Actions menus to the left of the item 
Add a Customized Greeting 
  1. Add a customized greeting by either uploading a file directly from your computer, or using your computer's microphone to record a new greeting 

  2. To record directly through your computer's microphone, you may need to Allow Access via your browser 
  3. Once you have recorded your greeting, play it back to ensure your message is loud and clear. Speak slowly and clearly. We recommend writing our your message or greeting ahead of time. 
How Name Catcher Works 
  1. To see how Name Catcher will work for your guests, push your form into TEST and enter a test transaction 
  2. At the Confirmation Page, you should see the "Tell us how to pronounce your name" link. Click this, and you will be taken to a new tab 
  3. On the new tab, you should see the phone number you entered during your test transaction. Ensure to enter your real phone number. Then, click the "Call Me" button 
  4. Shortly after, you should receive a call; answer the call, and you should hear your Customized Greeting, followed by some instructions for recording your message.  
  5. If you did not enter a Customized Greeting, you will hear the instructions shortly after picking up the call 
  6. Follow the instructions provided on the phone, and on the screen, to record your message. Once you have recorded your message, you will have the option to playback, re-record, and/or confirm that you are satisfied with your message. 
To Download/Playback Recordings 
  1. If a user has recorded a message, you can download or play back their recording via the Response View
  2. Under the "Recordings" column, you will see two icons: a speaker, and a downward arrow 
  3. Click the speaker to play the audio recording directly from the Response View 
  4. Click the downward arrow to download a copy of the recording 
  5. You can also download a batch of recordings into an Excel document by creating a Custom View and including the Recording column, then downloading the Custom View into Excel.

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