Moving guests to a different table, booth or team

Moving guests to a different table, booth or team

To access the interactive floor map, click on the Map tab:
To find the guests you want to move: 
  1. Click on the table number that the guests are seated at. Ensure that you are set to "View: Table Numbers" using the drop-down toggle.  
  2. If you only know the guest's name, click in the Search Guests box located just below the map and type in the guest's name. 
  3. The guest's details will appear showing you the table that the guest is seated at. 
  4. Click on the table that the guest is seated at.
  5. Each registered group will show as an icon of a "group" (three little orange people), which will have individual attendees under it (single person icon) 
  6. You can move either the entire group or an individual person from one table/booth/team to another.  
  7. Hover your cursor over either the group or the individual attendee until you see your cursor change from a simple arrow to a 4 directional arrow, indicating that you can move the item. Click to "pick up" the icon, drag the icon to the desired table and drop it to move the group/individual attendee.
  8. You can also use the "Move Attendees" button to move an entire group to a different table.


TIP: contact the moved guests by re-sending the confirmation to any guests that you have moved on the map; this will avoid any confusion about where they will be sitting on the day of the event.


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