Invoicing setup - allowing guests to pay after registering

Invoicing setup - allowing guests to pay after registering

For paid events, you can allow guests to choose to be invoiced. The invoice payment instructions inform guests how to submit their payment (cheque, cash) and appear at the bottom of the emailed invoice.  
Sample invoice instructions: Cheques or money orders denominated in Canadian dollars should be payable to ABC company. Amount invoiced includes GST. Cheques and money orders should be mailed to the following address and received by April 18, 2006. 


ABC Company  

#123 4567 - 89 Street  

Anytown, California, 91234


TIP: You may also include Invoice instructions to events that only allow online payment (credit card, online debit) so that you, as the Organizer, can register using the Invoice method on behalf of guests and provide Payment Instructions to those guests.


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