Guests not receiving my invitation

Guests not receiving my invitation

There are several possible causes, including: 
  1. Invalid email address. You may receive a 'bounce-back' email message telling you there is a problem. 
  2. There is a problem with your guest's email server and your emails are not being delivered properly. 
  3. SPAM-filtering may have filtered-out the email. Make an adjustment to the SPAM-filter to accept emails from, or search through the junk emails for the invitation. 
  4. The recipient overlooked the email as junk and deleted it. Although the email is from your email address, the recipient may not recognize it or look at the subject line and dismiss it. The email subject line is created from the "OPENING LINE" question. 
  5. The recipient actually received it, though never viewed or responded. 
If you would like to resend an invitation to an existing recipient, please follow these steps: 
  1. Click the 'Forms' tab  
  2. If you have enabled Email Invitations, click the Invitation Emails form 
  3. Click 'View printable invitation' 
  4. Save the invitation on your computer, and then re-send the invitation to your guests using your email provider. 

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