Creating new organizers and moving forms

Creating new organizers and moving forms

Owner and organizer accounts 

There are two types of RightLabs Accounts: Owners and Organizers. Both Owner and Organizer accounts are set up using an email address and password. The user will then use that email address, and the corresponding password, to login to their RightLabs account and view any registration or RSVP forms within their account.  
When a RightLabs Support Team member is first assigned to your project, we will work with the main contacts at your organization to determine and set up the Owner and Organizer account(s). We will then send you your login information and the instructions for updating your password.

Difference between owners and organizers 

The Owner account is the "all-access" account - this person will have access to ALL registration and rsvp forms within that account, regardless of the individual Organizer who is assigned to each form. There is only ever 1 Owner account per account (this is typically the person overseeing the event who signed the agreement with our Sales Team). The Organizer accounts work a bit differently. There can be several Organizer accounts per school or organization, but each Organizer will only have access to the form(s) linked to their account. Having multiple Organizer accounts works well if several team members need access to different forms at the same time, or there is a different point of contact for each form/event.  An organizer account only has access to the forms linked to that account. An owner account has access to ALL forms on that account regardless of which organizer account the form is under.
If a group has multiple points of contact for a single event and/or several people need access to a single form (for accounting or administrative reasons), we recommend setting up the Owner account using a general email address (ex. "") so that multiple users can access the account (and all forms in it).

Creating new organizer accounts and moving forms 

Depending on your account settings, you may need to contact us to add additional Organizer accounts, as there may an additional cost associated with having multiple Organizer accounts.  
If your original Agreement included multiple Organizers, then you should have access to add new Organizers from your Account Home Page while logged in as the Owner. When you first log in to your Owner account, you should see a tab that says "Organizers" in the top left corner. Select this tab. If you don't see this tab, it means that you have not signed up for multiple organizer accounts.

Once you're on the Organizer tab, select "Add new organizer" 


Fill out the required Organizer Contact information, and select "Save" 


Once you've added the New Organizer, select the "Home" tab to go back to the main Home Page.  

Moving forms to different Organizers 

Once you've set up a new Organizer account, you may want to move an existing form into that account. To move an event or form to a different Organizer, you will need to be logged in as the Account Owner.  

From the "Home" tab, hover over the "Actions" button to the left of the form, and select "Move to a different Organizer"  


Once you've selected this, a lightbox will appear with a drop-down list of names. Select the Organizer that you would like to move the form to. 

Once you've completed this move, the form will now display the contact information (Name and Email) for the new Organizer, and the form will only be accessible from either that Organizer's account or the Owner account. 

Create a new owner account or change owner

You will need to contact us to create a new owner account or change ownership of an account.

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