Creating a Reminder

Creating a Reminder

To create reminders:

  1. Sign In to your Administration Area 
  2. Click on the link of your event 
  3. Click on the Reminders and Invites tab 
  4. Click the Create New Reminder button 

Reminder Email

  1. Create your reminder as though you were writing an email by providing the Email Subject line and the Email body text. 
  2. Add personalized items (ex. guest's first name, event location, table number) similar to a mail merge. 
  3. Save your reminder. You can set when you'd like to send out your message in advance, set update limits and deadlines all from the Reminder List area. 
  4. You can Preview or send a Test Reminder to yourself to see how it looks before you send your reminder to your guests. 

SMS Reminder 

  1. Create the reminder just as you would for the email (above).
  2. The only difference is that you would select "SMS Reminder" radio button

  3. Each SMS message will contain 160 characters, a chain of messages will be sent if your message is too long 

Reminder Update Form 

  1. Click the "Ask guests to update their response" checkbox if you wish to allow guests to update their registration information (ex. dietary restrictions or contact information) 
  2. To finalize your email, click "Save" or "Save and Continue"
  3. You can set when you'd like to send out your message in advance, set update limits and deadlines all from the Reminder List area
  4. Choose recipients you want to include or exclude from the reminder  
  5. Click "Send Reminder"


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