Countdown Message - what guests see before a form launches

Countdown Message - what guests see before a form launches

If you publish your custom link prior to your forms launching, you can personalize the message your guests will see when they reach the web link. 

Here are ideas of what you could add to your customized countdown message:
  1. Instructions on how to register 
  2. More information about your event (a link from your venue's website)
If you have set a Registration Open Date & Time, a countdown clock will appear in the countdown page.

You can customize your countdown message in Edit stage during form setup. 



You can also edit the message after your event has been placed in a Ready (to launch) state

  1. Click on the Actions button close to the top right corner 
  2. Click on "Countdown Message" 
  3. Edit the message that your guests see when they reach your URL 

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