Consent to Collection of Personal Information

Consent to Collection of Personal Information

The Consent to Collection of Personal Information text is included on all registration forms created in InviteRight so your guests understand what you will do with the personal information collected. In order to complete registration, a minimum amount of contact information is required (First Name, Last Name, and E-mail). In order to collect this information while staying within the limitations of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, this consent text must be included on the form. It provides the registrant with the option to make further inquiries or withdraw their contact information. 

While the Consent to Collection of Personal Information text must be included on the form, event Organizers can customize this text, or provide their own text, if they would prefer to do so. 

Standard Text included in all forms 
"Consent to Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information: ‘Organization’ requests your consent to use contact information collected at registration. The information you provide will be used to process your registration and communicate information about this or future events, such as sharing information with other guests on the attendee map. Consent for the use of this personal information may be inferred where its uses are obvious and it has been voluntarily provided. Should a registrant wish to review their information or withdraw consent, they must contact the organizer at the contact information included in the registration form" 
  1. During form set up, always ensure the "Organization" has been replaced with your school, organization, or company name 
  2. To change the Standard text in EDIT, hover over the body of text and select "Edit Details" from the Action menu that appears to the left. Depending on whether or not the registration form collects payment, the Consent to Collection of Personal Information text will either appear on the Main Registration Page (no payment) or the Payment Page (payment) 
  3. The Standard text can also be edited during SETUP 
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