Administrator Visual map Cheat sheet

Administrator Visual map Cheat sheet

View the Administrator Map Cheatsheet and the key below.

  1. Zoom - Zoom in and out of the map image using the plus and minus buttons 
  2. Green Tables - these tables still have spaces available that your guests may choose to select
  3. Red Tables - these tables no longer have spaces available and are not available for guests to select
  4. Grey Tables - these are reserved tables. A reserved table is not available to the public but you (as an Organizer logged into the event) can select the reserved tables. You may also move guests (see moving guests to a different table) onto these tables. 
  5. Yellow Table - this is the table that you have selected to review table details. 
  6. Actions button - You may Refresh Map (to review changes), view Unassigned Attendees, review the Map Report, Edit Map or change Map Settings. View the map link in Map Settings. 
  7. Overall Map Summary - provides a quick summary of the spaces available and the total percentage of occupied spaces. 
  8. Table Information - Provides information specific to your selected table (table number, spaces used/available, associated categories and attendees) 
  9. Table Settings Buttons - three buttons are available  
    1. Reserve - sets availability to the public 
    2. Resize - sets the number of spaces for the table 
    3. Move Attendees - allows you to move or swap attendees from another table). All changes will be reflected live on the map. 
  10. Guest Group Icon and Individual Icons - these Icons can be dragged and dropped onto another table to move the guests. If you drag and drop the group icon all of the seats in that group will move to the new table. Individual icons can be moved as well. 
  11. Guest Search Function - Use this search function to quickly find a guest and make changes. 
  12. Guest Details - This area will give you a breakdown of each guest as well as any additional group questions you have added. 
You can also view the video below for instructions on how how to Manage Guest Seating.

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